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Writing and illustrating books is Minty's favourite thing to do. These are the books that are available now and the new ones on the way.

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Why We Fly the Rainbow

Why We Fly the Rainbow explains the Pride flag, the people it represents and why we fly it, in a way that's easy for young readers to follow.


Two cheerful jellybeans provide the narration as they discuss the flag, the LGBTQ+ initials, the importance of acceptance and what it means to be a good friend.

Crocodile Socks!

Got a question? This crocodile has the answer - as long as the answer has to do with his socks! 

This book answers the burning questions of a sock-obsessed crocodile, with brightly illustrated odes to his hosiery. It also contains several colouring and activity pages for every reader to enjoy.

Guess What? Kraken Butt!

Guess What? Kraken Butt! is a book of short, silly stories and poems, fully illustrated with bright, silly pictures. 


In addition to the originals, Guess What? Kraken Butt!; Stinky Carrotface; Wonder Dog and Goodnight, Batnam, the special edition features two new stories, Moon Whale and The Freaking Goat Gruff.

Banana Pattern


What's New?

Minty has always got something on the go. Right now, she's working on something very special: a new book called All About Me, Monkey McGee!

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